"The Man Who Saved Christmas" from CBS TV

Jason Alexander, Ed Asner, and Kelly Rowan starred in a heartwarming drama based on the life of innovative inventor and toy maker A.C. Gilbert. It told the true story of how one man helped a country at war rediscover the joy of the holiday season. We look forward to seeing it again soon!


Jason Alexander as A.C. Gilbert in the movie The Man Who Saved Christmas Jason Alexander as Santa in the movie The Man Who Saved Christmas Cast of the movie The Man Who Saved Christmas

'The Man Who Saved Christmas'
CBSNews, NEW YORK, Dec. 13, 2002

Hollywood loves inspiring Christmas stories and they recently uncovered a gem. "The Man Who Saved Christmas" is a new holiday movie that tells the true story of A.C. Gilbert, best known as the inventor of the erector set.

The movie begins as Gilbert, a former Oylmpic Gold medalist, unveils his first erector set in 1913. The toys allowed children to build square girders with pulley, gears and strips of metals. Some sets even had a DC motor.

The erector set was not an immediate hit. However, the toy inventor did find success. Soon after, America became involved in World War I. Gilbert was asked by the United State government to turn his toy factory into a munitions plant.

The inventor had to decide whether to make guns or toys. Also, a congressional committee asked Gilbert to spearhead a campaign to talk people into not buying toys for Christmas and using the money to buy war bonds. In the end, Gilbert followed his heart.

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